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Administration´s Rules of Procedure

The administration´s rules of procedure list the central university administration’s structure and function and govern the general workflow and decision-making processes in the Administration in a consistent, clear and comprehensible manner. They have been drawn up to facilitate and optimise administrative operations.
Thus, the administration´s rules of procedure are meant to smooth the daily workflow and assist the members of staff in fulfilling their duties. TheAdministrative Department for Organisational and Professional is happy to answer any of your questions.

Administrative Glossary

The administration administration´s rules of procedure require a certain degree of “administrative knowledge” in many instances. They deal with the governance of administrative processes, rather than providing definitions of administration-specific terminology. Therefore, we have created a glossary for our employees, which explains many terms used in the administration´s rules of procedure and, consequently, in our everyday work. New members of staff in particular might find the administration glossary helpful when taking their first steps in the world of administrative work.


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