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Organisational Development

Consultancy services in change processes

In order to manage change processes effectively and in consideration of existing capacities, we support key projects by

  • process consulting,
  • management of corresponding projects or project teamwork as well as
  • conception and implementation of workshops and moderation of meetings.

We provide consultation for all executives of Administration and science who intend to plan and implement changes of the organisational structure, work organisation or cooperation in their respective fields.
Contact: Andrea Kaus (see OEB-team page)

Quality assurance and quality development in the Administration

The Administrative Department for Organisational and Professional Development is responsible for the organisation and the organisational development of the Administration. We actively initiate administrative-related change processes and projects to improve the effectiveness and user orientation of the Administration and make them viable for the future.

Our offerings:

Project Office

The Ruhr University usually implements central, strategically relevant additional tasks and processes of change in form of projects. On behalf of the University Chancellor the Administrative Department for Organisational and Professional Development is building a project office to ensure quality and effectiveness of project work. The tasks of the project office are the monitoring of ongoing projects, providing consulting services to the project board, the moderation of project decisive meetings and the setting-up of an information portal.

More information: website of the Project Office Externer Hyperlink
Contact: Dr. Sylvia Steinheuser (see OEB team page)


With the aim of assuring quality and optimizing the Administration`s services, the Administrative Department for Organisational and Professional Development controls the implementation of the feedback management. Furthermore, the interface analysis for problems that occur across the divisions and the process control for efficient solutions belong to our scope of activity.

Further information: website of the feedback management Externer Hyperlink
Contact: Zekiye Eken (see OEB team page)

Coordination of measures internal audit

We are responsible for the administrative tasks related to theinternal audit reports, for the preparation and commenting of the reports from OEB perspective, the coordination of an action plan, controlling of measures and the reporting to the internal audit.

Contact: Birgit Gremski (see OEB team page)

Compliance and corruption prevention

In the area of compliance and corruption prevention we take on conceptual and coordination tasks. These include the development of a coordinated global approach to preventing corruption, creating procedural instructions to prevent corruption, a RUB-specific on-the-job training concept, public relations work and the regular updating of the relevant information in consultation with the departments involved. We also coordinate the actors whose task areas are mentioned in the compliance guidelines and work with them to continually develop the field of action.

More information: RUB website on prevention of corruption Externer Hyperlink (german)
Contact: Andrea Kaus (see OEB team page)

Organisation culture development

With its work the Administrative Department for Organisational and Professional Development promotes an open, trusting organisational culture where all members are invited to contribute with their potentials and skills. Special attention is given to the promotion of cooperative, cross-sectoral work and the assumption of responsibility of each person to the overall result. Another important aspect of our work is the design of information channels of employees and the communication between the hierarchy levels and organisational units.

Contact: Andrea Kaus (see OEB team page)