Teaching in multilingual and intercultural learning environments at RUB

What is the project “Teaching across cultures” about? Globalization has meant that multilingual and intercultural teaching and learning environments at Ruhr-Universität Bochum have become more important. Successful academic teaching increasingly requires foreign language and intercultural skills to respond to internationalization in teaching. “Teaching across cultures” supports teachers from Germany and abroad in improving competence oriented teaching skills. You are welcome to participate in the following areas of support:

  • Intercultural competence in teaching
    • Developing good practices in dealing with cultural diversity
    • Contrasting cultural differences across academic teaching and learning cultures
  • Teaching in multilingual learning environments
    • Improving teaching skills in foreign languages
    • Facilitating and benefiting from linguistic diversity of students

Current further training courses
Who is welcome to participate?
  • academic teachers with multilingual groups
  • academic staff teaching in a foreign language
  • guest lecturers
  • teachers preparing for a teaching position abroad
  • refugees working as academic teachers
  • anyone interested

Fees and certification
  • free of charge
  • accredited within the qualification programme “didactics in higher education”

Languages and cultures as resources

Your individual languages and cultures are ressources. Your feedback regarding languages and cultures is very much appreciated and is taken into account in the process of preparing our further education courses.
Courses are mainly devised in German or English. If required, additional languages will be included. For detailed information, please click individual items.

How does "Teaching across cultures" ensure the visibility and sustainability of professional development within intercultural and multilingual teaching?
  • instruments and measures of RUB implemented to improve teaching skills in multilingual and intercultural learning environments will be presented to and discussed with the research community specialized in teaching in higher education
  • expertise gained in the field of teaching in multilingual and intercultural learning environments at RUB will be published in written form