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Equal opportunity services

At Ruhr-Universität Bochum, ensuring equal opportunities for men and women is central to university development. Gender equality is considered a university-wide responsibility that is integrated into all areas. This also applies to events and services offered by the Professional Development Office (Interne Fortbildung und Beratung). The Professional Development Office provides special programmes and tools relating to equal opportunity, academic career planning, and the development of key competencies and leadership skills for female academics at all stages of their careers.

Career development for female early career researchers

This information is directed at female early career researchers – doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers, those preparing their postdoctoral thesis – who are looking to develop their communication and professional skills. Below is an overview of services available:

mentoring³ – for advanced doctoral candidates here.

Peer Mentoring – for postdoctoral researchers and researchers preparing a postdoctoral thesis here.

mQuadrat[at]RUB – Mentoring for qualified medical doctors, in cooperation with the  Fakultät of Medicine. Further information is available on the programme homepage.

As part of the "Meet the female faculty" series, RUB’s female academics meet once a year to exchange news and views and network.

Equal opportunity in

In July 2008, the DFG adopted a set of equal opportunity standards that are to be implemented in special research areas, graduate colleges, and research groups. The Professional Development Office is available to provide advice and support with applications for equal opportunity funding, the development of a tailor-made equal opportunity strategy, as well as the implementation of equal opportunity measures.

Detailed information is available here.

Examples of best practices from the DFG Tool Box can be found here

Current offers for equal opportunities at the SFBs can be found here




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Meet the female faculty

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Equal Opportunity Tools

DFG Tool Box

Equal opportunity as a university-wide responsibility

Equal opportunity in appointment procedures

Since the spring of 2008, RUB’s rectorate has included appointment officers in all appointment procedures. Their special task is to ensure that equal opportunity plays a role in the selection process. To that end, these officers receive guidance and training by the Professional Development Office in implementing equal opportunity in quality management during appointment procedures.


Coaching for female professors

As a female professor at RUB, you have the chance to participate in the coaching programme METIS. Your contacts are Dr Schmohr and Ms Tillmann, who will help you find competent coaches and advisors, and the Professional Development Office  provides the funding. Further information is available here.

Gender sensitive staff training

All staff training activities at RUB are subject to the university’s own stringent system of quality assurance. One quality criterion is the sensitivity to gender requirements. Gender issues that arise in the context of  project definition and assignment, consultation about and development of new measures, as well as their evaluation are addressed here


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